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Transform Your Business

CraveCrunch provides world class services which connect your customers and employees with the best products and experiences you can offer

Real-Time Services

Bring Artificial Intelligence to your fingertips
- Recommend the right products on your website and marketing
- Give your sales and customer support teams the ability to cross and up sell
- Enable richer product discovery across your products and services


Services and tooling give you fine-grained control
- Adjust real time services with your customized configuration
- Drive traffic to new products or manufacturers
- Define promotions and sales across your products and services

Operations and Strategy Integration

With state of the art AI integration
- We partner with you directly to deeply integrate with your business
- Gain key strategic insight such as how to package your products or solutions
- Streamline your fulfillment processes with key predictive analysis


Real-time Recommendations

CraveCrunch services provide real-time analysis suited to your needs such as recommendations for a general product for sales people, or personalized suggestions for a specific customer in milliseconds. You can use these recommendations on your website, in your reports, in your sales tools, or marketing materials to ensure you are providing a world class service to your customers.

True Business Intelligence

Create a customized depth and breadth dashboard for your business with both real-time and aggregated reporting data. Reports and dashboard data are always available in your own CraveCrunch portal or via direct API access.


Help customers connect with products and services they are likely to buy with personalized search and recommendations. Search and discovery models are fully customizable with CraveCrunch curation tools enabling you to adjust what target audiences see in your CraveCrunch powered experiences.


CraveCrunch offers customization services in addition to a rich set of default models, patterns, and reports. We will work with you to create the right views of sales, products, inventory, and customers so you have the right data at your fingertips exactly when you need it.


CraveCrunch provides you with easy to use tooling which enables you to customize specific recommendations, reports, or data sources across your business, specific categories of products, segments of users, or even specific products or users.


Enable promotion of products across categories, specific user segments, or even to individual users - especially effective at boosting brand new products or services, increasing visibility of discounted items or matching categories of products to user segments.

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